Mar 17

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Today, I’d like to focus on some precious and tasty BBW nipples. The ones on the big natural boobs of Princess Lissa are as good as they get so lets focus on those. Personally, I love it when a girl with very large tits as nice big nipples and aerolas to match. With Lissa, everything is perfect.. Her tits are big, and so are her aerolas. Its not backwards like you see on some girls who have large nipples and tiny boobs, or large boobs and teeny tiny aerolas. Princess Lissa has G cup boobs and her nipples compliment them perfectly.. don’t you think?

I’m sure as an owner of large boobs, Lissa loves her tits, and she loves the attention she gets from guys and horny girls because of her huge boobs and nipples. I could get lost studying each curve and bump on her aerola as they are so detailed in this picture and so perfect. To see them even bigger, just click into the picture and you can see a free sample gallery of Princess Lissa getting out the oil and laterhing up those big large boobs and her nice aerolas and nipples and you can actually see them get harder as the set goes on.. Enjoy.


Mar 04

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My oh my that is one big beaver! Looks like it was just shaved or maybe waxed, I’ll bet it was waxed. It looks so fucking clean you could eat off it, or eat inside it.. it looks so incredibly delicious and tasty. The owner of this chubby pussy is none other than the beautiful Princess Lissa. She is such a tease with her swimsuit and her cameltoe.. showing it off but you can’t help but want her to just rip the damn thing off and have her spread her bbw pussy lips nice and wide so you can see all up inside this gorgeous BBW. If you click on the picture of that huge fat beaver above, you will see some pictures of sexy Princess Lissa in a white bathing suit and giving herself a fat pussy wedge.


Feb 23

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Today we get to take a little peek into Princess Lissa’s submissive side. Usually she commands the authority of a princess and gets everything she wants, but today oh how the tables have turned! Lissa has finally met her match in Mistress D, a mysterious plumper dominatrix who decided it was time to whip this spoiled BBW into shape! She even had this BBW princess on the ground licking her boots and she was submissive to the mistress’s every wish. Now I would imagine Lissa is ready to be in charge again, would you let her boss you around and have her way with you?


Feb 12

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and if you want to get something for our favorite latin G-cup BBW Princess Lissa, let me suggest you sign up at her website and check out all her personal pics, videos, and read her journal.. she wants to get to know you. She wants you to watch her BBW masturbation movies and stroke yourself at the same time, and time it just right so that you and her orgasm together. What could be hotter than sharing your cum with this sexy gorgeous fat babe?

Feb 06

lissa bbw
BBW Princess Lissa Has A Beautiful Clean Shaved Pussy

I love looking at Princess Lissa naked. She has such a curvy sexy figure, she is large and in charge and the extra weight is really in all the perfect places. Let her seduce you as she takes off her top and her huge natural G-cup tits bounce out to reveal her perfect nipples. What I wouldn't give to lube up my cock and slide it between those big jugs. Watch as she pulls her sexy black panties aside to reveal her plump chubby cleanly shaved pussy. Oh yes, it is wet and ready for pleasure. Do you think you have the confidence to approach this beautiful Latina BBW and convince her why you should be the one pleasuring her? Or would you cower like a wuss and let the opportunity pass you by? I know what I would do.


Feb 02

lissa bbw
Lissa Smothers a Lucky Blonde Babe

Princess Lissa has what is perhaps the curviest, sexiest, BBW booty on the internet. It is so big and so round, I could sink my teeth into it and lots of other perverted fucking things. I’d let her sit on my face, no question about it. She could sit on it all night long and sufficate me and my dick would just get harder and stiffer. She sat on some other lady’s face and you can see some of the movie of it by clicking the image above. How could you say no to a beautiful big butt BBW princess?


Jan 25

diana la chambre
Horny Plumpette Takes It Off For The Cameras

Diana was sent to referred to the guys at BBW Porn Pass by her fuck buddy.. she doesn’t have a boyfriend because all she wants to do is swing and fuck with no strings attached.. and she wants to show off her beautiful plump body to the world.. and what better site to capture her beauty than BBW Zine! She hangs out at the local swingers club every weekend, taking good care of all the horny men who come needing her services.. sucking and fucking each of them one by one. She is a true community servant! Click the image above for a free sample BBW picture gallery.


Jan 22

lissa bbw
Breathtaking BBW Princess Lissa exposes it all

2009 is off to a great start for our favorite Royal BBW Princess Lissa.. shes adding hot new picture sets and some videos every single week, and I heard from the folks at BBW Porn Pass who run her site that they are working to get some live weekly webcam shows going so she can have even more interaction with her adoring BBW loving fans. Click the image above for a free photo gallery. This weeks picture set features our lovely Lissa wearing her new “fuck me outfit” and even better, taking it off and presenting her all her big beauty for the lens to capture as it does so well.. Just click the picture above for the free pictures, and if you want to get to know this big babe better, let me suggest joining up at her personal BBW website.


Dec 29

bbw indian
Ethnic Indian SSBBW Shows Off Her Sexy Rolls

What we have for you today is a bit of a rarity, a real Indian BBW baring it all for the camera! Shes actually from California, and her name is Alyssa, but her parents are straight off the boat from Bombay and gave birth to this big beauitful exotic babe just a couple years later. At BBW Zine these guys take the best shots of horny gorgeous fat babes who aren’t too shy to bare all their goods in front of the camera! Where do these guys find their BBWs and can I have one of my very own please? Alyssa is as horny as BBWs come and after taking these pictures, she was ready to do more and you can watch this BBW in hardcore action on FOREVER. When you join any of the sites in the BBW Porn Pass network, remember you get access to the rest of em, and there is plenty of Alyssa for us all to enjoy! Click the image above for a free sample BBW picture gallery..


Dec 23

lissa xmas
Lissa Gets A New Dildo For Christmas

Its that time of year again, and our favorite festive Christmas angel, Princess Lissa has some presents to open! Of course, her present to you is letting you see her use her new presents, and I think you will like what she got. Lissa gets a lot of gifts from her adoring fans and she is never short of new things especially around the holidays. In today’s free movies, you get a little peek into this G-Cup BBW’s Christmas, and on her site, you can even watch her decorate her tree while getting naked!! What more could you want for the holidays? It brings her so much joy to receive gifts and she loves letting her fans know just how greatful she is. Lissa wanted me to wish you and yours a very Happy Holidays, and enjoy these free movie clips of Lissa on Christmas morning, opening up her holiday gifts and pleasuring herself with them. Click the image above for a free photo gallery.


Dec 05

bbw ginger
Ginger Jane and Her Extra Large Big Belly

Ginger Jane is a super sexy super size BBW from Michigan who loves sharing her erotic pictures over the web with her adoring fans. BBW Zine has featured her more than one time, and today’s free picture set comes from the second set. She is one very hot babe with a very huge belly and she has no shame at all.. gotta love a beautiful SSBBW who loves to flaunt her size and isn’t ashamed to show it all off. And show it off she certainly does, in fact there is quite a bit of content with Ginger at the BBW Porn Pass network, and there is no better place to check out Ginger and all her plus-size friends’s beautiful curves than BBW Zine! Click the image above for a free sample BBW picture gallery..


Dec 04

lissa masturbating
What Else Is A Sexy Big Boob BBW To Do?

What is a beautiful BBW princess to do with herself when she is all alone with no one to give her the pleasure a Princess requires? Princess Lissa knows exactly whats she needs and how to give it to herself just right.. She doesn’t like to be lonely for too long, so thankfully she has all her loyal members of her website to chat with and keep her company this holiday season, and she continues to reward them by making sexy masturbation and fetish videos as well as bringing in the best photographers and photographing every single curve on this beautiful babe’s sexy figure. Lissa is a whole lot of woman, can you handle her needs? Click the image above for a free photo gallery.


Nov 10

lissa big fat butt
Worship Her Big Voluptuous Boobs

Some ladies are just simply naturals when they are put in front of a camera. From the first time Princess Lissa decided to do BBW photo modeling, her photographer knew he had something special. A year later, she has her very own website packed with almost 100 full picture sets and a lot of very sexy masturbation/fetish/and even some girl-on-girl BBW action on video. Today’s particular photoset shows how beautiful this babe is complimented by the color orange. After seeing the newly painted set, she went out and bought a matching outfit for her first time shooting on the set. I think you will agree it was a purchase well made, and deserves her support by joining up at her website where you also get access to 8 other sexy BBW porn sites! Check back next week and we will have some free videos of this gorgeous BBW. Click the image above for a free photo gallery.


Oct 16

bbw danii
Cute Plump and Round Blonde Chick

Danii is a BBW who is all about the 3 B’s. That is, Belly, Boobs, and Booty! She has a nice round belly with some cute boobs and a sexy phat ass, she can proudly claim all 3! She is a young single mommy always looking to make some extra cash.. She found the BBW Porn Pass folks on My Space and decided it was time for a career change. Don’t let her cute innocent smile fool you, once the doors are shut and the cameras are on, Danii is a total pervert and loves to show off for whoever is willing to watch. It pays to be a BBW pervert when there are so many of us who fawn over beautiful blonde BBW’s like Danii, and we are glad to see her in action on sites such as bbw forever and in today’s free photo set courtesy of BBW Zine. Click the image above for a free sample BBW picture gallery..


Sep 17

lissa big fat butt
BBW Princess Lissa Got Big Ol’ Booty

Some BBW Lovers are breast men, others are Ass men. Some of us just can’t get enough of either, and for those of us who love it all, there is the lovely Princess Lissa. Both her tits and her ass are enormous! I’d like to focus in on that ass today. It really has the perfect shape and lends well to this sexy BBW’s beautiful figure. So large, yet so well defined.. and jiggly! Who wouldn’t want ot spend their time studying this big chicks large booty, from her plump round cheeks to her tight ass crack to her cute little butthole, it really is the BBW lovers perfect ass. If you check out Lissa’s site, you can see a video where she measures her large lovely bum and you can see exactly how big it really is!

Next time, we will do an in-depth look at Lissa’s G-Cup breasts! Click the image above for a free photo gallery.